Choosing a puppy

How to choose a puppy:

Eight months ago I had the hard but fun task of choosing a puppy to add to my breeding program.  This was Annies' last litter.  Annie is a fabulous chocolate phantom, a color I wanted to continue in my program.  I was hoping for another chocolate phantom and sure enough I had a little girl that would turn out to be just that.  As I raised the litter I kept in mind our one special needs family and my own needs as a breeder.  I kept watching the personalities emerge and although one puppy had the color I wanted, she also had the personality that would best benefit a veteran with PTSD.  At the same time I kept being drawn to a white puppy with a black head. The day came when I had to make a decision.  White puppy won out with me.  My chocolate girl went on to become the constant companion of the veteran.  White puppy, now Tallulah Rose has turned out to be the perfect breeding choice and is happily living with her guardian family.  She just passed her final health test so will be joining our breeding program. 

My whole point is this.  Let the breeder help you choose.  Don't let color or gender be the determining factor.  They will all be beautiful goldendoodles.  Size, coat type, and most importantly temperament are the most important things to look for.  Only your breeder knows the personality of these puppies.  At least that is true of me.  I spend every day with these pups until they go to their new home.  

Puppy season is starting to rev up.  Two breedings this week then off to my last vacation for 6 months.  The break was nice but Im ready for some puppy kisses!