Traveling with Calhoun and Frisco

My husband and I bought a new RV this Spring.  I was determined to take the Summer off from breeding.  It took a year of skipped litters and arrangements but I finally made it happen. We looked for a long time for the right RV and took Frisco and Calhoun with us to make the final decision.  After all, they would be traveling with us and we wanted to make sure it was the right fit.  We are home now after traveling to 26 states in six weeks.  It was wonderful!  Before I've always been ready to come home after a week or two.  I think having my two little buddies with me made all of the difference.  They were great travelers and were very little trouble.  Their rough housing in a small RV was sometimes overwhelming but we managed.  What was hardest for us was having to put on the leashes and walk them every time they needed to go out.  At home the come and go as they please, through the dog door to 5 acres of underground fence. I always had a poopy bag on my person, sometimes with poop and sometimes without!  We shared wonderful experiences from Maine to the Colorado Rockies.  We met lots of wonderful people and dogs.  Two girls  came into heat but with the help of fellow breeders I was able to arrange breeding while we were gone. There were calls for Frisco and Calhoun but I told people that they were on vacation too. I told everyone that called about reserving a puppy to wait till I got home.  Its a lot of work to carve out time for a vacation but it sure was worth it. 

Now we are home and the calendar and puppy wait lists are filling up fast.  We will have three litters of puppies before Christmas.  I can't wait!  I miss our days on the road but treasure our beautiful 20 acre farm and look forward to the birth of our 11th grandchild.  Calhoun and Frisco are looking forward to "getting back to work" producing adorable puppies. I'm so looking forward to seeing Calhouns first litter!  Stay tuned for more doings at Fountain Falls Goldendoodles. This is a picture of Frisco and Calhoun at Great Sand Dunes National Park in CO.

Calhoun and Frisco at Great Sand Dunes CO