Goldendoodle Adoption

Calhoun is 22 lbs and has fathered many beautiful sweet puppies. This boy has charisma, and never meets a stranger.

Calhoun is 22 lbs and has fathered many beautiful sweet puppies. This boy has charisma, and never meets a stranger.

Chloe is a 25 lb red mini. This will be her 4rth and retirement litter. She is a real cutie that loves her family and is always eager to meet new people. She always has beautiful smooth temperament babies.

Chloe is a 25 lb red mini. This will be her 4rth and retirement litter. She is a real cutie that loves her family and is always eager to meet new people. She always has beautiful smooth temperament babies.

Calhoun is on the move

Calhoun is on the move

 English goldendoodles. Non-shedding, medium puppies.

We have no control on the exact dates of when our girls will be ready to breed.  We haven't figured out yet how to get a direct line to mother nature but we do our best to predict.

Standard Goldendoodles      $3000   50 pounds and up
Medium                                  $3000   36-50 pounds
Mini                                        $3000    25-35 pounds
Petite minis                            $3000    25-20 pounds

Micro petite minis(Frisco)      $3300    Under 20 pounds

**plus 6% South Carolina sales tax to all residents of South Carolina

This price includes first shots, vet check, microchipping, take home packet, 2-year genetic health guarantee, 30 days free insurance, lifetime support and the most well raised puppy possible. Prices may change between the time you send a application fee and the puppies are born.  Unless you have an email from me, guaranteeing a certain price, the price is as posted. If you decide to move to a new litter your price will be the current price for that litter. We are committed to producing premium, healthy puppies. My costs continue to rise and therefore so does the puppy price.  
At this time we are no longer open to selling puppies with breeding rights.  Please understand that there are strict financial penalties for breeding any Fountain Falls Goldendoodle.

Payments and Puppy Placement

I accept cashier’s check, money order,  or cash. I will accept personal checks for application fee, but not for the final payment. The application fee counts towards your payment. The remainder of your payment is expected in full at the time you pick up you puppy.  Please remember, absolutely no personal checks will be accepted for final payment. 

Each family will get a chance to choose three puppies that they will  be happy with in litters of 8 or more.  At six weeks  the puppies will be  microchipped, checked out by the vet, and have their first vaccination.  Temperament and personality evaluations will have been done by this time. Please send a wish list as to gender, color and coat type. A visitation day will be announced.  Don't worry if you can not make it.  I will guide you with pictures and descriptions to help you choose. After a couple of days I will call each family and discuss which puppy will be their new family member!    Please keep in mind that FFG has the right to the first two picks and we always put families with special needs or service dog picks first. 

If you paid your application fee of $300 and circumstances are such that you decide you cannot buy a puppy at this time, you may move the fee to the next litter.. You must choose a puppy from a litter within 6 months or your fee is forfeit. You must inform me of this decision before the puppy is two weeks old in order to make the puppy available for other buyers. Application fees are non-refundable.  Although we are able to sell your puppy we have turned away many potential sales.  The price of the puppy may change in future litters, and there is no guarantee that you will pay the same price as the litter on which the original fee was made. If for any reason you need to re-home your puppy it is to be returned to Fountain Falls.  We will not refund the price of your puppy due to rehoming expenses.  We will however make sure your doodle has an appropriate, loving caring home.  Please read the terms of the warranty and contract.  

Coats, sizes

Petite mini-14'“ 25 lbs or less

miniature-14-16” 25-35lbs

medium-17-20” 36-50 lbs

standard 21”+ 51+lbs

We do not guarantee size. We do our best to predict size. Most puppies are the average of the two parents. At times a puppy may be larger or smaller than both parents. This is typical of all goldendoodles.

Because we dna test our doodle coats we can make an informed guess as to what type of coat you puppy will have. If this is very important to you, you can pay to have your puppy individually tested at two weeks.

While we do not guarantee that our goldendoodles do not shed, I can tell you that my personal pets do not. You may see some shedding when the puppies shed their baby coats but once that is done, you should see only minimal if any shedding.

We do not guarantee hypoallergenic doodles. We have placed many of our puppies with people will allergies with excellent results. If this is a concern, we can talk to you about things we can do to help you choose a puppy that you can live with.

As with children, all puppies need training, exercise, proper diet, love and attention and medical care. If at any time you do not feel that your lifestyle enables you to provide these things, we will be happy for your to return you puppy so that we can rehome them.

Silver Girl -Another little velcro girl. Loves to sit in your lap. She has found her home

Silver Girl -Another little velcro girl. Loves to sit in your lap. She has found her home

Green Boy-has a new home

Green Boy-has a new home

If you are interested in reserving a pup from one of our upcoming litters, review the information on this page, then fill out the application below. Mini and medium lists fill up fast.  Reserve a spot on the list now for our 2019 liters. We plan to resume breeding in late Summer, early Fall.

Look over the contract and health guarantee before you pick up your puppy.  

Print Contract                         Health Guarantee                       Home Instructions          Guardian Program 

Finn March 12 2018 pic5-1.jpg
Petite mini goldendoodle babies.

Petite mini goldendoodle babies.


You can of course, follow the puppies along through pictures and videos, or you can come visit in person! I do ask that you DO NOT visit any other kennels or breeders on the same day and DO NOT bring any of your current pets as this tends to spread germs that can be very harmful to the puppies. That means not having your pets in the car. I ask that you wait until the scheduled visitation day. . Visitors may not visit puppy areas or touch puppies until they are seven weeks. A visitation day will be scheduled around six weeks. Be aware that this is not a kennel but is our home.  Our family activities may conflict with when you want to visit. That is why we schedule a specific visitation day. Children that are well behaved and good listeners are welcome. Please be on time and plan to stay no longer than one hour. 
  For the safety of the puppies only those with a puppy reservation are allowed to visit the puppies. 

Puppy Pick-up Day

Please arrange to pick up your puppy on the specified pick up day.   We can not keep your pup past 8 weeks. No exceptions. We will let you know way ahead of time when that will be so please make plans accordingly.  Please be on time.  People that are 15 minutes late may have to wait until the next available appointment.  With 11 grandchildren, a busy schedule and other puppy families I may not be able to accommodate late arrivals.

Transport-Atlanta Georgia, Greenville SC, Charlotte NC, Charleston SC,  Raliegh NC, Ashville NC are all cities that we serve.  We will sell to anywhere in the continental US but special arrangements have to be made for puppy pick up. I DO NOT SHIP but have sold many puppies to families in California, New York and most US states.  Most cities in the South East are within an easy drive.  Atlanta Georgia is 2 hours away.  Charlotte is 3 hours.  Atlanta Airport is two hours. Greenville SC airport is 1 hour away. Asheville NC airport is 90 minutes away. There are several ways to pick up your puppy.  It is always preferable to pick him up in person. We can sometimes arrange to meet you half way for a round trip charge of $2.00 a mile. If you would like to fly into Greenville, SC airport we will meet you there. We charge a nominal fee of 1.00 per mile for the 160-mile round trip to Greenville plus a $100 driver fee. We will consider meeting you at  the Atlanta Georgia airport for a fee of $500.

 At this time we no longer offer extended stays after the pick up day.  Please plan your schedule early to avoid problems.

This is in effect until there is a posting stating otherwise.  If pick up day interferes with your planned schedule we need to know  by 4 weeks that you will want to move to a different litter. 

Boarding your puppy after pickup day is a limited option. If I am boarding your puppy after the 57th day ($50 per day), that payment is  expected on the sixth -week birthday. You will be responsible for any additional vaccinations plus mileage of $1.00 a mile if your puppy needs a vet visit. There will be an additional $100 per week training fee. Total price for a week past pick up day will be $450. You can rest assured that your pup will receive daily age-appropriate interaction and training so that you have a well socialized, crate trained, doggy door trained puppy when it is time to present him or her to your family. I will not always be able to extend the time that your puppy stays with us. Please discuss any plans contrary to the 56 day pick up well in advance. Insurance from Trupanion must be taken out by any family who will not be able to pick up their puppy by 8 weeks. 

Please be aware that I have a large family.  6 Children, 11 grand-children plus one on the way and of course my dogs.  I stay pretty busy but attempt to answer all phone calls, texts or emails within 24 hours.  If you do not hear from me I probably did not get the message.  Please try again.  Any texts should be accompanied by your name and if you already have one of my pups please include that also and who the pups parents are. I take your trust in me very seriously and will do everything possible to breed and raise the sweetest, healthiest goldendoodle puppy for your family. I respond to a detailed email quicker that a facebook enquiry.