Guardian Program

I believe that all dogs have the right to a family that loves them and will treat them as a member of the family. Being a guardian home for one of our Goldendoodles can be an excellent and affordable way to have a well-bred top quality dog for your family. Our guardianship program or as others like to call it, joint custody, is the best possible situation for one of our dogs. 

With this in mind, I like to place my pick of the litter babies in forever homes with the right family while I retain breeding rights.  This means the dog will stay in your home as your family dog.  I pay for all health testing, and all breeding expenses. The dog’s every day expenses are paid for by the host family. At the appropriate time (when a female is in heat, or I need your male to breed to a female), your dog will come back to Fountain Falls for breeding and then again for whelping. Some families actually want to participate in the birthing and raising of pups in their home which is an option. 

When breeding obligations are complete, usually 2 to 3 years after the dog matures, I pay to spay or neuter or your dog.  It then returns to your wonderful home that it has had since puppyhood.  Each female will be bred two to five times during a two to five year period, at the breeders discretion.  She will be boarded at Fountain Falls during her heat cycle and whelping.  Males may be needed for several more years, but will only need to be away from their families a few days at a time. 

Guardianship programs are a win-win situation for guardian families, the breeder, and most of all the dog.

Guardianship is a Win-Win!

  • Guardian families have "pick of the litter" puppy chosen by the breeder
  • The dogs don't have to live in a kennel
  • The dogs get to be in their forever home from puppyhood.
  • The family gets a pick of the litter, health tested dogs at a low cost!

If you think guardianship is something you would be interested in, please then contact me at or 706-491-6464 and I will go over the contract with you.

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