What was I thinking?!

Its a good thing me having a puppy. What you say??? You have lots of puppies. Well its been over five years since I had a new puppy of my own. A puppy that came from another breeder that has different puppy raising protocols. Housebreaking has been a challenge. He wants to chew everything. Needs to go out in the middle of the night. If I say to myself, he just wants attention, he leaves me a nice prize in the crate and is in need of a bath.Thank you Calhoun for reminding me the trials of raising a puppy. Thanks for the cuddles, the kisses, and the cuteness. Thanks for trying your best to communicate with me. Sorry its taking me so long LOL. But we will get there. You will come when I call, learn to wait, to drop it (instead of running away wanting me to chase you) not pull on Friscos ears or chew holes in my sofa pillows. Will you ever learn not to dig up cat poo, not to track dirt into the house after digging up my newly planted flower bulbs. I doubt it but thats ok. You will make me smile many times in a day, give me that doodle look, comfort me when Im sad and offer me countless other joys.