Black Is Beautiful

Black doodles are finally getting noticed.  I’ve always loved the black doodles but have found them not as popular as the creams and white.  I've always been partial to the blacks but bred mostly the light colors because that is what the public wanted.  Lately I've had two litters of mostly blacks.  The 2015 litter above was a little difficult to sell, but once people see them in person they understand how beautiful they are.

The 2015 litter of 8 blacks and 2 creams were easily adopted.  I think that blacks are being seen more and now are more accepted.  At a breeders conference in October we were talking about colors. Someone mentioned that it may just be her imagination but that the blacks seem to have a calm temperament overall.  I've noticed the same thing and several other breeders agreed.  So don't discount black doodles.  They are beautiful and amazing.  Just look at that sweet face.