Autry’s Tucker Me Out Tyler

It was Tucker’s charisma and beautiful action that first brought him to my attention.  It was love at first sight.

Our stunning chocolate parti standard male poodle, comes form a long line of carefully chosen breeding stock from Texas focusing on ideal characteristics to produce the best Goldendoodles available. Tucker passed his South Carolina Therapy screening at 18 months and has proven a favorite visitor at area assisted living facilities and Camp Sunshine.

DOB: 5/11/2009

AKC: 13468504

Microchip: 032107532

Eye CERF: Normal (POS 6928/2010-14) 7/5/2010

Cardio OFA: Normal (PO-CA661/13M/P-VP) 7/5/2010

Hips OFA: Good (1430449) 8/4/2010

Von Willibrands: Negative canine normal 70-180% 7/7/2010

Brucellosis: Negative 7/7/2010