Maggie is the perfect example of an English Goldendoodle. She has the soft, wavy, chalk colored, non-shedding coat that English Goldendoodles are known for. Her black nose, black lined lips and eyes, and black pads of her feet are classic trademarks of an English Goldendoodle. Having keen intelligence, boundless energy, and a drive to be everyone’s best friend makes her quite a package. 

photo by Stephanie Maley

photo by Stephanie Maley

St. Margaret of Fountain Falls (Maggie)

Daughter of Ch English Golden Retriever Fae Thistle of Darrochonna and Standard Parti Poodle Autry’s Tucker Me Out Tyler. 


DOB: 10/5/2010

CKC: TLM04304898

Microchip: 4C1C351C50

Eye CERF: Normal (POS 358882) 3/3/2012

Cardio OFA: Normal (149449) 10/24/2011

Hips OFA: Excellent (149449) 10/27/2011

Von Willibrands: Clear by way of parentage

PRA-DNA: Clear

GANA registered: GANA-003673


Though far from a saint, Maggie’s Goldendoodle expressions and all around great temperament make it hard to ever be cross with her.