Goldendoodle Health Testing

It is important to me that you have a healthy, well-balanced dog.  I test each parent for a series of genetic issues to help guide me in getting healthy puppies. On the page which describes each parent, I have listed the results of the tests. Below are explanations of the tests. Not all of our dogs are tested for all of these. All of our dogs are tested for a minimum of heart, hips, elbows, patellas, heart, vWd, PRA.

PRA - stands for Progressive Retinal Atrophy.  It causes total blindness by 4 or 5 years of age.  We test for three types of PRA

CAER-Companion Animal Eye Registry All of our dogs get a bi-yealry complete eye exam by a certified canine ophthalmologist  

vWd is similar to human hemophilia

Ichthyosis is a Golden Retriever condition which results in heavy dandruff or flaking of the skin.

Neonatal  encephalopathy is a seizure disorder

Degenerative Myelopathy-Is a degenerative disease

IC or incorrect coat- A goldendoodle that is affected with ic will not have furnishings.  Furnishings are the fluffy face, legs and overall fluffy look of  goldendoodles.  An ic affected coat looks more typical of a golden retriever coat. It is straight, rather short and they usually shed heavily.  All of our dogs are tested for ic.  A dog that carries for ic still looks like a Goldendoodle and still has the non-shedding qualities of a Goldendoodle. But by DNA testing we are able to avoid breeding two ic carriers together that would result in some of the puppies being affected. If you want to eliminate a breeder that is not experienced, ask them if they DNA test for ic.

Heart-Each dogs heart is certified by a veterinarian

Hips and  elbows  are OFA or Dr. Wallace certified.  Hips must be a fair or better. A Fair dog must be bred with a good or better hip. We strive for all Good or Excellent hips.

Coats We are also testing our dogs for curl (+)or wavy(-) hair.  This information enables us to better to predict what kind of coats our dogs will produce. A doodle can have +/+ for curl, +/- for curl/wavy, or -/- for wavy only.  We have several dogs that DNA testing has told us are -/-, ic clear and do not shed.

Ichthyosis- A skin condition causing itchy skin and heavy dandruff.

Color testing- Color testing and Curl testing insures that we can predict the colors and types of coats in each litter.

Curl testing -/- means wavy coat, -/+ is a loose curl or wavy coat, +/+ is a curly coat

Shedding test- This cutting edge dna testing that is enabling us to predict shedding  traits in each litter. I do not have any dogs at this time that shed.



All of our parents are fully health tested and well socialized. This baby is headed to Atlanta GA.

All of our parents are fully health tested and well socialized. This baby is headed to Atlanta GA.